Women Red Long Gown / Dinner Maxi Dress Q1539
RM199.00 ~ RM209.00
Women Black Floral Long Dress / Maxi Dress Q1538
RM199.00 ~ RM209.00
Women Red Floral Long Gown / Long Dress /Women Floral Long Dress / Dinner Maxi Dress Q1537
RM199.00 ~ RM209.00
Women Blue Rayon Printed Gold Printed Long sleeves Wide Flair Gown Dress Q1349
RM179.00 ~ RM204.00
Women Red Rayon Gold Printed Long Sleeves Wide Flair Gown Dress Q1342
RM179.00 ~ RM209.00
Women Green And Purple Printed Shining Soft Silk Wide Flair Gown Dress Q1297
RM339.00 ~ RM349.00
Women White Printed Soft Linen Short Sleeves Wide Flair Gown Dress Q1296
Women Black Printed Cool Rayon Long Sleeves Wide Flair Gown Dress Q1295A
Women Maroon Hard Crafted Fully Embroidered With Lining Sleeveless Wide Flair Gown Dress Q1227
Women Yellow Shining Soft Silk Gown Dress Q1130
RM139.00 ~ RM146.00
Women Blue Georgette Gold Embroidered Long Sleeves A Line Gown Dress Q1134
Women Orange Block Print Cotton Wide Flair Gown Dress Q1034
Women Navy Blue Soft Cool Rayon Sequins Gown Dress LJE1325
Women Multicolour Floral Soft Cool Rayon Pleated Hem Gown Dress LJE1314
Women Diamond Slub Gold Print Flair Kurti Maxi Gown Q1419
RM119.00 ~ RM134.00
Women Multicolour Chikan Embroidered Gown Dress Wide Flair LJE1319
RM229.90 ~ RM239.90
Women Red Georgette Embroidered Flair Kurti Maxi Gown Q1503
Women Blue Gold Printed Chinon Silk Flair Kurti Maxi Gown Q1502
RM189.00 ~ RM204.00
Women Red Gold Foil Rayon Work On Neckline Flair Kurti Maxi Gown Q1501
RM199.00 ~ RM224.00
Women Blue Rayon Flair Kurti Maxi Gown Q1346
RM199.00 ~ RM224.00
Women White Printed Chinon Silk Flair Kurti Maxi Gown With Banaras Dupatta Q1379
RM189.00 ~ RM199.00
Women Red Gold Foil Melbourn Poly Flair Kurti Maxi Gown Q1378
RM159.00 ~ RM169.00
Women Navy Blue Gold Print LPVA Rayon Flair Kurti Maxi Gown With Attached Jacket Q1380
RM139.00 ~ RM149.00